One definition of a hobby is that it’s ‘something that is outside of your every day routine that brings you joy’.

So what is yours? Do you have one or more than one? More importantly, do you get to practice it/them?

In these fast paced busy lives we live, where us women are pulled from pillar to post with responsibilities, need to look after others and are continually checking the long to do lists, we could be forgiven for never getting to our hobbies. But hobbies are important! They are part of us, a different part from the ‘work us’ or even the ‘duty us’.

So take a moment, as I did when I too started to consider this question, and see what you come up with.

I would have said that my main hobby was walking but as it is now business, is it a hobby too?

I love to spend time walking. However, it’s also my preferred form of exercise, an important part of my health and wellbeing and it’s my vehicle for delivery of my coaching and personal development work.

At the end of the day though, it still is a hobby as it brings me great joy and I love to use it to explore new places, as in new paths, but also new places to visit and new places to eat and enjoy a drink. It’s also sociable so something I do with friends and family.

How is this landing with you? I hope it has got those cogs whirring.

There are other hobbies I used to spend time doing that I want to bring back into my life.

One is knitting. I used to knit very elaborate things, in fact the more complex the better – aran, icelandic, fair isle etc. It was mum who taught me to knit and in clearing out her house I found two unfinished garments and all the wool for them so completing them will be one of my winter projects.

Another will be getting back to jigsaws, which I love, especially when there is the space to leave them and stop by when I choose to add a few more pieces. There is a drawer full of jigsaws to explore upstairs.

breathe deeply often

For now though I am getting out into the garden and looking to expand my learning there. I have always planted out my pots in the spring and this year I have been buying more perennials and searching pinterest for ideas on redesigning the garden. I want to add some shaded seating spots and to have some raised beds built so I can grow more vegetables and extend the herbs. There is nothing nicer than going out to pick the right herb to add to the dish you are cooking or enjoy the ripe strawberries with breakfast.

So there are a few things that in this blog I am committing to for now and ongoing.

It is said that a hobby is ‘a wonderful way to start freeing our creativity’ and looking back at my plans it is all different forms of creativity.

Hobbies allow us to experiment, explore, discover and play and in doing all of that, we learn more about ourselves and connect more with who we truly are and how we work.

breathe deeply often

In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to go on Artist’s Dates which are time alone weekly to do something you enjoy and explore new things as a way of tapping into your creativity and self.

What are you going to play with?
What are you going to try?
What is going to bring you joy?

The joy that it brings is you being alive, vibrant and aligned.

How does that feel? Does it make you want more?

I love walking as you know. It brings me great joy and it is a wonderful vehicle for bringing time and space to ‘be’, to think and for creativity to unravel. It brings awareness and that is why I use it with my clients. It is a real active part of my passion to help women who have so much life to live, reconnect with themselves and who they really are knowing where they are going. When you know that, then the path of life is so much easier.

If you want more, if you know you are a little, or even greatly stuck, let me help you find your path again.

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