Are you familiar with the term ‘wellbeing’?
How would you define it?

Although there are of course dictionary definitions e.g. the official definition as stated in the English Dictionary is: a state of being healthy and contented , some of our own individual definitions are what makes the entire concept more interesting.

From my work, I see that fortunately there is a growing wish to achieve a state of wellbeing. This is as much about a positive mental state, having a good support network and a social life as it is about healthy eating and being at the gym. It is a real holistic term reflecting our understanding of how all the different parts of our life interrelate.  

Are you in a good state of wellbeing? If so, you are clearly taking decisions to achieve fulfilment and balance in your life. However, if you feel you want to achieve wellbeing but are not there yet, would some kind of a check list help? 

My checklist consists of the following:-

1. The mind body connection. The need to eat healthily, take adequate exercise and get enough sleep is all part of this. These three things ensure that our bodies function as well as possible. They fuel us and aid in recharging our batteries.

Not sure what exercise to take? Walking is one of the best and as long as you have a comfortable pair of shoes you can go ahead and do it. For others who want something else, there are endless options from swimming to skydiving, extreme running to badminton.

There is a vast amount of information available on all of these topics from health education sources, on the internet and in books and magazines, so you have no excuse.

2. Stimulating pastimes, career or job. We need to feel we are needed and that we have a contribution to make in our lives.

Are you fulfilled within your job, as a homemaker, carer or in the interests you pursue?
How could you get this fulfilment?
What needs to be different?
Have you an outlet for your creativity or other important skills?

What would you like to do to have that stimulation?
Are there things that you used to do that you would like to do again or are there new things you want to try?

3. Financial control. Whether you have a comfortable amount or are challenged by the amount you have access to, knowing what you have and therefore what you can do is beneficial to health.

Is this something you have under your control?
What would you have to do to be more in control?
Who might you need to talk to?

4. A great support network. ‘No man is an island’ is a quote which may be familiar to many of you and how true. We all need others in our lives – people to share our joys, hopes and dreams, and also to be there for us when we need help, a shoulder to cry on or someone to take the dog or the kids when we need a break.

Who is in your support network? It may be a cleaner, a dog walker, a best friend, your partner, colleagues…

Does your support network work for you?
What needs to change?
How could you strengthen it?
What would have to happen for it to work better?

5. Your Spiritual Health. This may be religion, or a range of things, which is about having a purpose and feeling confident in who you are and where you are headed. Meditation often forms part of this.

What is this for you?
What feeds your spirituality?
How do you practice it?
Does it fulfil you or do you need more?

To do all of the above you need to put yourself first. Remember that is just perfect. Knowing who you are and what you need allows you to look after you first, knowing that doing that puts you in the best place to be there for others too.

When you fly you are told to put on your own oxygen mask first and then you are able to help others. This is the same sort of thing. Once you are sorted, you have more to give to others.

Look after you, ask for help and accept the help others offer naturally even if you don’t always feel you need it.

How can I help?

I run a number of short and longer programmes, some group and some 1-2-1. Some are online and some are in person. You may not know what would work for you so let’s have a chat and I can help you work it out.

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