Walking Toolkit

A toolkit to make sure you get the most from your walking practice.

Walking Toolkit

A toolkit to make sure you get the most from your walking practice.

Whatever the time of year, our surroundings, whether urban or rural have so much to offer us.

There is history; scenery; opportunities for exploration; places to escape to and places to revisit.

The time is ripe for adventure but are you ready?

You might be the kind of person who has loads of great ideas buzzing round in your head in terms of where you want to walk and you just can’t wait to get to it. However, I have the feeling that many of you, much as you’d love an adventure, just haven’t a clue where to start. Adventures can seem challenging but I’m here to tell you that with a little support and guidance they can become second nature…I’ll even go as far as to say that you are going to have some great fun with this.

Imagine your kids or grandchildren discovering new places and learning new skills. Imagine some lovely walks that you can take with your partner on balmy evenings, either at home or away, that brings that essence of romance into your days. How about picnics by a river or on the edge of a waterfall; wandering around a historic building uncovering stories and interesting facts or exploring the back streets of a new town or city.

All these things create memories, precious times to look back on and recount stories about.

How it works

In the Walking Toolkit the aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get out walking.

We explore why you might walk and what you want to get out of it.

It’ll take you through 3 stages

  • The planning;
  • How to make it happen;
  • Taking time to reflect.

And at all the above stages, there’ll be lots of tips, suggestions and links for you to follow.

You’ll also find out about 5 other things that you can do during a walk that might not be top of mind but can add so much.

I hope that you are intrigued and excited to get hold of this and make the next month or two flow with new experiences for everyone.

I’d love it if, on your adventures, you would take a photo of yourself and/or where you are, what you saw and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #walkyourwayadventure


Walking Toolkit – £14.99

To get all of the above plus the fun, experiences and memories that will result, get yourself a copy below.

“It’s so nice to be given permission to walk even a tiny distance with the aim of finding tranquillity, a place to let go in, a haven away from the constant action and fast pace.” – Priya Tourkow, Kent

“Heather’s walking toolkit is a must-have if you want to start doing more walking. Especially with your children.

There are loads of ideas for engaging your kids and getting them into walking – I especially recommend hide and seek in the woods which is great fun! My kids would always prefer to be behind a screen but I have managed to get my elder daughter walking 4-6 miles a day now, which is literally a lifesaver for her during the lockdown.

This is a wonderful advert for the simplest and best activity there is, walking.” – Rachel Allen

“The Walking Toolkit is a treasure trove of walking knowledge jewels.

It’s clear that Heather has a deep knowledge of the technical, practical and physical sides of walking and she shares some incredible insights in this toolkit. She breaks down the things we need to consider when planning a walk in order to stay safe and comfortable whether it a be a few hours exploring local areas with the family or planning a long term walking trip in another country.

Particularly useful are the little reminders of things that we might think are obvious but can so easily be overlooked and are the things that make the difference between a great and not so great walk!

Highly recommend, this will be a resource I go back to time and again to remind myself of the simple steps I need to take to enjoy my walking practice. ” – Jo Hamlyn, Kent

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