1. Start small and build up – not sure how much you can manage? Just start and see how you get on. After 10 minutes, you can always turn and come back.

2. Aim to walk for 30 minutes a day but this can be broken down into 10 or 15 minute chunks – this is a good starting time to achieve and you can stick with it for a while lengthening the period you walk until you do 30 minutes straight. It is also good to know that it can be broken down if you find yourself with a hectic day and only able to do small chunks.

3. Make it as easy as possible, walk from your home or office – by varying your routes you end up with more choice, you get to see how you can make your walks longer and you get to know the local area.

4. Integrate it into your day – how could you make that happen? What about using the stairs, getting off transport a stop earlier, having a walk at lunch time, walking in your locality instead of taking the car, meeting friends for a walk rather than coffee or lunch? I’m sure you can think of numerous ideas of your own too.

5. Have a goal – all the above can make goals in themselves and are often the steps to a larger goal. What might yours be? Something like getting to know your area, getting fitter, doing a trek?


6. Wear trainers or other supportive shoes – you want to make sure that you keep your feet as comfortable and free from injury as possible.

7. Leave the car at home for short journeys and walk instead – we can all get a bit lazy and jump in the car to go to the post box or nip to the shops. We also may think it is quicker, but driving is possibly longer by the time you have found a space etc. Walking also offers you the opportunity to find the short cuts only available to those on foot.

8. Get yourself a buddy to walk with – find someone who is at a similar level as you and agree to walk regularly. It’s great to have the company and it makes you accountable too.

9. Plan a longer walk at the weekend – this might be with your walk buddy or perhaps your partner or family. Walking can be integrated with visiting a historic monument or stately home, a pub lunch or a way to entertain kids or grandkids. It can be a discovery tool too. It may become a whole way of life for more than just you.

10. Sign up to Take a Walk – this online programme will take you through all the different benefits and reasons to walk and give you many ideas which will increase your walking.

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