Gift Vouchers

Give – or hint to receive – the perfect gift of the choice of ANYTHING from ®One Million Women Walking.

Gift Vouchers

Give – or hint to receive – the perfect gift of the choice of ANYTHING from ®One Million Women Walking.

In our family ‘material things’ have become less important over the years, we all prefer ‘experiences’

This has been so apparent at Christmas time with presents in the form of vouchers given for flowers, meals out, a class, a course, weekend breaks and often an amount towards bigger trips.

I love these kinds of things because they provide so many memories.

This year many of us have been evaluating life and for many, me included, shopping has become something I’m not that interested in, apart from the necessities of course. My money is more precious and when I spend, I want to be very mindful and I want to buy things that give great value.

Who knows what Christmas or the build-up to it will be like this year? Will we actually be able to go shopping or will we be doing all our shopping online?

Perhaps we can help.

We have put together some lovely gift vouchers for you so all you need to do is choose the style of the voucher, the amount (you can buy multiple vouchers to reach your ideal amount and we’ll send you one voucher if requested) and who the voucher is for and we will send you a personalised voucher in plenty of time to gift to that special person.

The vouchers can be used towards buying badges and copies of Heather’s book. They can go against online courses, one to one coaching and nurturing and also our Walk Retreats and Walk Experiences, which include the Camino events. You can choose to give a whole experience if you are being so generous or if you join together with friends or family to do that and not even mention the amount at all, we can just add the name of it for you. If you want anything customised just let us know. We will do all we can to make a voucher special.

Normally these would expire a year later but where they are for large amounts and are likely to be used against a Walk Experience or Retreat we will extend them to 24 months.

If I was you I’d start hinting to your family and friends that vouchers are what you would like – they don’t have to be you buying them for others. Often the special people in our lives, especially the men, need big hints dropped. So why not print out this page, annotate it to draw attention and leave it where they’ll find it.

…and imagine what could be achieved when friends or family club together?

Please note that these vouchers are not just for Christmas, they can also be used for birthdays and other celebratory occasions throughout the year.

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