The Camino Experience

Embark on an adventure that makes you a little nervous, but also incredibly excited.

The Camino Experience

Embark on an adventure that makes you a little nervous, but also incredibly excited.

In a small group of up to 10 – 12 people which includes your leaders, you’ll experience all aspects of this wonderful walk…

…no matter what route you choose. From breathtaking views of countryside or coast, when we find ourselves on ridges and outcrops; to the many churches of varying size and importance often open for us to visit; as well as the farms, forests and moorland and the villages, small towns and cities on the way. Of course let’s not forget the amazing food and wine of France, Spain and Portugal.

There’s something very special about the closeness, fun, laughter and camaraderie of travelling as a small group on what is a spiritual journey.

With time for reflection, discussion and mindfulness as you walk, you’ll be able to focus on YOU and your life and use the opportunity to think about what you might want to be different as you spend time putting YOU first.

This is a transformational journey which starts even before you leave your home, as I want you to be able to maximise this gift that you are giving yourself. That time and space that allows you to focus on the most important person in your life, YOU.

This is a challenging walk, stretching you mentally and physically and that’s where the growth happens, that’s where we feel the achievement and where we get the great joy and inspiration.

There is something about the Camino that gets under your skin, so I know that you’re likely to leave wanting to return. We can do that too…

Walk The Camino

Imagine taking a whole week to 10 days out just to ‘be’ in the moment and focus without interruption. Imagine the freedom of this time away, of not having to think of anyone but yourself. Time to put yourself first, how often does that happen?

No beds to make, piles of ironing to work through, supermarket shopping to do or food to prepare. No-one else’s demands to attend to. All you have to do is get from A to B, enjoy your post walk drink, a hot shower and then dinner.

Imagine walking an ancient and historic path, walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before. Visiting the places they worshipped and where they were given refuge, seeing the wonderful countryside and tasting the food of the region.

Tapping into their wisdom and stories and then relating that to our wisdom and stories. Wisdom and stories we may never even have valued.

I work mainly with women but from time to time I do lead mixed Camino Experiences. The next one is in Spring 2025.



The Camino is just one part of your journey, you’ll do some preparation work before you leave so that you can maximise the benefits of this time away and this gift you are giving yourself.

If you are feeling a little disjointed, a little lost or distracted or indeed fear you have lost that woman with all the dreams, plans and intentions you once had, you are indeed in the right place. Even if you feel there is very little in life that could be better, you will come away with insights.

If you are always busy with no time for YOU, stressed and overwhelmed, then being here will help.

The time, space and exploration of this walk will allow you to look at what you love about your life, what you want more of and what you might want to change or get rid of. We’ll also start to look at what steps you need to take to bring about these changes.

If possible, time zones allowing, we’ll start this off with a group call so you can all say ‘hi’ to each other and start to build the bond that will inevitably grow, and hopefully you’ll have a one to one call with me as we get closer to the event. After your Experience, you will leave feeling calmer, fitter, clearer and with the beginnings of a plan for the next stage of your life.

Having the time to think and focus on you; pondering many questions which will come up from within as well as those asked by the leaders and even participants; exploring the possibilities and meanings of the cards we work with and discovering what happens when you have to dig deep; will lead to insights and breakthroughs. You are likely to have even more questions at the end of this Experience than at the beginning and definitely much food for thought. We’ll make sure you get the answers you need and want.

Everyone has transformation happen to some greater or larger extent which is what the path does for you. Expect that to evolve even further in the weeks and even months afterwards. In the past women have nurtured the thought of retirement, others have stepped into their own businesses, there have been changes to  all sorts of relationships and for others it is a series of small tweaks that get YOU to where you want to be and most importantly ‘who’ you want to be.

What is unfolding is the continuation of your own journey and often there is a rediscovery and reconnection with your true self. When you know who you truly are, what makes you tick and what brings you joy then what follows is so much more fluid and easy.

If you want further help and support to make this happen, then we can talk about maximising what you get out of this Experience by joining one of my nurturing programmes giving you 3 – 6 months coaching and nurturing after your return…or why not bring it in before you start to have you in the best place you can be when you begin your Camino Experience. You choose whatever you feel would serve you best.


The Journey

All your accommodation is booked in advance on the path and your large bags are moved on every day so you only have to carry a day pack. You have the peace of mind of knowing that at the end of the day a chilled beer, wine or soft drink, hot bath or shower, comfy bed and dinner await you. 

I’ll provide you with at least a 6 month fitness plan, a packing list and advice and guidance on gear and also travel so that you can feel confident when you join us.

You have 
me from you sign up till we part on return … and perhaps even longer if you want some help in bringing everything to fruition as you want. 

On this journey we will generally walk for 5 -7days (with a travel day on either side) and the distance walked will vary depending on which section we are walking. You will be given more detailed information when you express interest and choose which Camino Experience to come on.


What’s Included

  • Advice and guidance on travel
  • 6 to 10 nights accommodation depending on the section you are walking. Accommodation is in twin rooms – if you want a single room we can arrange that but there would be a single supplement. 
  • Transportation of your large bags to each night’s accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner (except for dinners in Santiago) each walking day included most sections. ONLY breakfast and possibly one dinner is included on the Camino Portuguese sections.
  • An experienced guide to lead you along your journey
  • The camaraderie of walking in a small group of like-minded women
  • Some pre-walk work to get you thinking prior to heading off on this adventure. This helps to maximise this time that you are gifting to yourself.
  • The option of adding a ‘Transition Day’ at the end of your trip while still on location and in the zone (please ask if interested).
  • Investment depending on the route and number of days from £2695 – £2995 (early bird prices available) Payment plans the norm, customised for you.
  • An extensive tried and tested packing list of what to bring
  • At least a 6-month training plan giving you plenty of time to build your fitness.
  • Training walks in the London/SW area if you can join us.
  • A one to one calls to establish what you need to get out of the journey
  • Time zones allowing, a pre-walk group call to meet your fellow walkers and start to bond as a group
  • One-to-one and small group discussions along the way
  • A post-walk beer/wine/soft drink every walking day
  • A post-experience call to pull together what may have come up for you and ensure you are clear and supported in how to move forward. (These are booked before we leave so to ensure continuity and maximising thoughts, experience etc).
  • Access to my walking and personal development/coaching experience during this time away.

“The Camino allowed me to focus on myself, which is something that I am rarely able to do as a wife, mother and employee.

As a wife and mother, I am responsible for keeping my family afloat. As an employee, I am responsible for keeping my team afloat. But no one is responsible for keeping ME afloat!  I felt like I was drowning before this trip, and now- after 1 week of focusing on no one but me- I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and more present in my life.

I am beyond thankful for this wonderful opportunity.” – Shannon Clay, Denver, Colorado, USA

“A series of totally unexpected, but most fortunate, events led me to meet Heather in April 2018. After just an hour of conversation, I had signed up and was preparing to walk a section of the Camino de Santiago in September.

For me, it was the realisation of a long-held dream – to walk a pilgrim route alongside like-minded women. And what an experience it was. We walked through spectacular countryside, met with fascinating people from all over the world, enjoyed some rigorous conversations, drank lots of delicious wine and ate some very tasty tapas. But the very best parts for me are the new friendships and the many wonderful memories that were forged along that road. Both of these I now treasure.

Thanks, Heather, I had a ball!” – Karen Christian, Sheffield, UK

“Getting away and completely unplugging for 5 days, being completely open to what the Camino would bring to me, has been nothing short of life-altering.

It was a challenging walk, hard at times because of long days but also the weight of our lives and experiences that we carry and were able to work with on the path.

 It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and I’ve already signed up for the next one. I really look forward to continuing my physical and metaphysical journey.

If you’re thinking about the Camino Experience, do it, you’ll not regret it and Heather prepares and encourages you every step of the way.

Thank you, Heather, for being so amazing at bringing together such a wonderful group of women, organizing a grand Camino adventure, and for bringing so much joy into my life.” – Debby Kevin, Columbia, Maryland, USA

2024 and 2025 Camino Experiences

We still have our autumn Camino Experience in France this year from September 26th to October 3rd. It is on the  Via Podensis (the Camino in France) from Cahors to Lectoure. This was the route I led on for my very first Camino Experience in 2017 so I am delighted to bring that back again. We still have a few places and this is a great route.

Now we are filling our Camino Experiences for 2025. 

In the spring of 2025 from April 30th – 7th May we will be walking on the Camino Frances, from Sarria to Santiago and along the most famous section of this route.

In the autumn, from September 24th to October 3rd,  we will be walking the Camino Finisterre from Santiago to Muxia via Finisterre which we have just walked this year. By clicking the link you can find out more about the only Camino route to start in the cathedral city of Santiago. It is a beautiful path offering both inland and coastal scenery.

Detail on prices including earlybird prices can be found in those links.

A £300 non-refundable deposit is taken which secures your place and price. Payment plans are available (usually the norm) and these are arranged to suit you, the client.

If this intrigues and interests you and you would like to explore it further then let’s have a chat and we can talk through any concerns and questions that you might have. You can book a virtual coffee below or email me.

If you have a group of friends or family who you would like me to organise one of these for, then let’s talk as I am always delighted to organise a Bespoke Camino Experience. We can discuss what route you’d like; how long you want to walk for and possibly the distances each day.

All chats are commitment free.

Book a Virtual Coffee Here

How about a VIP Camino Experience?

Ready to supercharge change in your life? Then you can choose to do any of the Camino Routes mentioned above and maximise this entire Experience by having Heather all to yourself? By booking a VIP Camino you get 1 to 1 coaching and service from the very beginning.

Starting with your preparation, Heather will be on hand to guide you through your fitness training, give personal advice on the correct gear – even come shopping with you, answer questions and address concerns and keep you accountable at all stages. She will coach you, through regular calls, as you set your intentions for this journey and get you into the mindset which will serve you best.

On the actual path, Heather will be by your side ensuring that the challenges you face and the insights you have are explored fully for your benefit and your development.

It will not be full time coaching though, you will have time to chat about the path and the history, enjoy meeting others walking, have the coffees and wine and explore the area we walk though.

As you walk, there will be ‘alone’ time too for you to ‘be’ with your thoughts and feelings, for you to tune into what comes up and to give headspace. Having that ‘me time’ is an essential part of the trip.

Heather will work with you to put together your personal routemap so that when you return home, everything learnt and experienced is used by you, in both your business and personal development and you’ll receive regular coaching for 3 – 6 months after the Camino through sessions on zoom.

This is a very special experience and you can choose whatever route you would like to walk. We can talk through all possibilities and timescales.

To further this do schedule in a virtual coffee.

If you are not ready for travel abroad yet we are developing a wider portfolio of UK based Walk Experiences and Walk Experiences so do go visit us there. This includes our UK St James Way from Reading to Southampton 

We will start booking for the 2024 Camino Taster and the St James Way in the next couple of months. 

Why not start off by joining our Inner Circle where I share insights and tips from my world of walking, self care and personal development as well as all the latest news about upcoming events and retreats.

Heather x


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