Take a Walk

A 28-day remote walking programme that brings self-care to you through walking. For a short time investment daily you will find yourself feeling calmer, more relaxed, inspired and better connected to you. This also leaves you in a much better place to be of help to those who need you.

Take a Walk

A 28-day remote walking programme that brings self-care to you through walking because walking is the complete self-care package. 

How are you feeling?

Unclear? Concerned? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Calm? Just needing a break and some ‘me time’? There are so many words to describe what is going on for us in our lives and no-one has the blueprint of how to get through.

We’re so lucky in the UK to have such great space to get out and walk in because walking is not just about the movement, it’s also about what benefits it gives to us mentally and emotionally. If fact worldwide nature gifts us with such a wide choice of places to walk and whether in rural or urban environments there is always much to see.

For many of you, daily exercise may not even be on your agenda, either because even the term puts you off or you normally have no time to do it.

Walking is the way you get to the bus stop or train station and perhaps the local shops but no more than that, so why would you even consider it now?

If I told you that taking a short walk every day could be what gets you through the next few weeks or months and saves your sanity, what would you say?

What if I could also show you that you can get these benefits in your garden as well if that’s all you can do or even in your home?

Perhaps this is the time to rethink it all

How it works

You might not believe that this simple activity can be as fabulous as I make it out to be but why not try it? Often we need someone to be accountable to. We need to have to show up. Often it helps if we have someone to hold our hand and guide us through.

Take a Walk will give you all of the above.

The programme is a 28-day programme delivered through a daily email giving you your task for the day. It is a rolling programme so that people can join it any time. Whatever the date, valuing YOU by putting YOU first through walking is always a good decision. 


Take a Walk – it’s only £30

“This is a brilliant programme run by the lovely Heather Waring ~ it is a something that gives you that “me” time and can be fun along the way too. If you fancy doing something for YOU then this is well worth the investment! All you need is a little dedication and self-discipline and off you go! I loved the fact that you do it in your own terms and time!” – Gwen Baird, Richmond, North Yorkshire

“This is a great way to get back into why you should walk and a reminder of the variety of benefits from walking”

“These daily walks and the variety in your posts have really helped my motivation at a time when it is all too easy to tell myself ‘I’m too busy’! Every day has given me a new purpose – so thank you Heather!! x – Fiona Lafferty, Winchester

“Thank you for all the inspiring ideas and thoughts it has given me – a truly great idea!

it’s a truly inspiring and innovate way of approaching a daily walk, which, let’s face it, can become a bit of a chore if we don’t inject some variety. I loved the mixture of walking with purpose and walking without really knowing what might happen. It kept me motivated and accountable – I doubled my step-count in the second week in. I will definitely incorporate so many of the ideas in my daily walks from now on!

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