Stepping into Freedom

What does ‘Freedom’ mean to you? 

What does it look like?
What does it feel like?
What does it enable you to do?

What are the words you’d use to describe it?

It’s likely, that for each and every one of us, our definition of this term is different and therefore what it gives us will vary too. And … there are so many elements that bring us to this point of freedom.

In this short 12 week course we dive into all those elements though calls and discussion, exercises and collaboration and consultation. 

Stepping into Freedom

What does ‘Freedom’ mean to you? 

What does it look like?
What does it feel like?
What does it enable you to do?

What are the words you’d use to describe it?

It’s likely, that for each and every one of us, our definition of this term is different and therefore what it gives us will vary too. And … there are so many elements that bring us to this point of freedom.

In this short 12 week course we dive into all those elements though calls and discussion, exercises and collaboration and consultation. 


In life, we women have a tendency to put our own needs aside. We settle, we struggle on, fully intending to get there when everything else is done but … those days often never arrive. 


Isn’t it time all that changed?

With the global pandemic behind us, we are still dealing with many of the ramifications which tested us and called upon to find a way through something that we have never navigated before (along with everyone in the world). It’s taken its toll in so many ways. It’s worn us down and in some cases caused us to put life on hold.

The truth is that there will always be things to rock our world. There will always be things that cause us to question, that throw us off track, that have us wondering how to move forward.

These things are often the things that make us stronger, that lead us to a better version of ourselves.

Do you ever feel like you are on a merry-go-round and you just want to get off?

Is your head so full of all the things you need to do, that at times you feel it’s about to explode?

Are you forever saying “when I get this done then I’ll sit down/go and have a nice bath/read a book…” 

Do you find yourself getting irritated over little things, increasingly quick to anger or burst into tears at the slightest thing?

Is everything just too much effort?

If you are nodding at any of these, or feeling that knot in your stomach tighten, then it might just be a sign that you need to read on.

Even if things are not quite like the list above, do you know that you are pushing yourself just a bit too much, taking on more than perhaps is ideal, still not giving to yourself on a daily basis?

Busyness, feeling overwhelmed and often stressed has become a way of life for many of us. This is something I come across daily when chatting with other women, but it doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be!

We deserve more.

I used to get really irritated by my husband when he found time to read the paper when there were clearly other things to do, and when he always made time to take a break or go for his run on a Sunday morning. I didn’t have time for that.

But why?

I guess I was jealous but why didn’t I just follow his lead? Why didn’t I take time for me? But if I did that, then who would do all that needed doing? But did those things need doing then?

There is so much expectation put on us by ourselves, by our upbringing and by society but what it is doing is making us ill and not allowing us to live the lives that fulfil and light us up.

Well I say enough!

We all need some stress in our lives to keep us on our toes… to ensure we hit deadlines and sometimes to perform. It can help us achieve and it warns us of danger but that should all be ‘in the moment’ or short-term stress, not deeply ingrained stress that we carry around day to day and month to month and even year to year.

Stepping into Freedom is all about finding that freedom and claiming it.

It’s about rediscovering that essence of you again. Perhaps uncovering some of those dreams and aspirations that you had as a young woman and reconnecting with your true self. That’s the self that you are aligned with, the self that you want to be, not the woman who society says you should be, nor the person your family or workplace say you should be. This is YOU in all your true glory.

Let’s reignite your true spark!

This programme is about identification of where you are and what is draining your energy and holding you back. It’s about exploration as you discover what and who is adding to your stress, busyness and overwhelm and looking into different ways of doing things. It’s about uncovering who you are, what makes you tick and what you need to be the best that you can be.

And it’s also about tools, techniques and strategies that you can put into place, some for a short term and some over a longer period, maybe permanently to move you out of where you are into that place of freedom.

What is that place for you? I hope that it is a place of calm, flow and ease where you have time for YOU. A place where you are enjoying life and achieving all that you want but in a different way. A place where you no longer do everything, but others help because you ask.


The Stepping into Freedom Programme runs for 12 weeks. During that time there will be a weekly email and weekly task delivered to your inbox, and we will be coming together weekly on a zoom call where we can discuss what’s been happening and I can coach, nurture and facilitate your journey.

There will also be a couple of 30 minute 1-2-1 calls for each of you during the duration of the programme and if you want to book any other 1-2-1 calls these can be booked at the discounted price of £50 per 45 minutes.

You will have a private Facebook group which I will be in regularly to answer your questions and support you through this process. This Facebook group is a safe place for discussion and sharing and it’s designed for you to support each other, as sharing our stories and what we are each going through is often what others are also facing.

Your investment in this programme and therefore in YOU is ONLY £420 (that is just £35 a week) and you can pay in one lump sum or if you prefer to pay in instalments we have a payment plan over 3 months of £140 a month.

If paying in instalments suits you best then email and we will be in touch.

This is for YOU, if you want something better, if YOU no longer want to settle, if YOU know there is so much more life in you to be lived and because YOU know that YOU deserve so much more.

Stepping into Freedom is run twice a year usually in January/February and again in September/October.


If you are interested then please email Suzanne on so we can put you on our waitlist.
If you want to get started straight away then let us know as we have a 1-2-1 version as well and usually have a few places available.

So why work with me?

Well because I have been in all those places above, felt all those feelings. I have been in fear of drowning and wondering what had become of the sparky zesty woman I once was.

Stress, the path to burn out and to adrenal fatigue (of which I believe there is a hidden epidemic) builds up gradually, eating away under the surface and we don’t even realise it’s going on and the damage that it does. But I know.

I burnt out. I ended up with adrenal fatigue. I found that I was living my life in my head so much that the mind-body connection that is so important was practically severed. This discovery is something that caused me such emotional pain as I always thought that I had that connection. I felt a real failure and I also realised that I had stopped loving me because I had become so detached. I share my story in my book ‘How Walking Saved My Life’. I ended up having to take a year out to find my way back to me and I used walking as the major tool in my recovery. I ended up an even better version of me and now live a life that I love which I created and which brings me so much joy.

And you can do this too.

I don’t want you to have to do take that time out. I don’t want you to get to the point I did. 

I want to help you stop this overwhelm, busyness and stress at a much earlier stage when you can make changes, when you can learn new and different ways of doing things. Because you can.

I have worked with a number of other women to do just this, to stop the march of what can derail your life.

Here’s what some the women who have already experienced “Stepping into Freedom” have to say…

“Heather’s book was the catalyst to making lifelong lifestyle changes to a better, more fulfilling life. Taking part in ‘Stepping into Freedom’ has given me the time, space and guidance to be able to start making those changes. The benefits I’ve seen and felt over these past 9 weeks have given me the motivation and reason to continue with all the work we’ve started to a calmer, happier and freer life for me. Thank you so much for this wonderful journey ladies” – Suzanne Williams

“More than anything else, of all the benefits Stepping into Freedom has given me, its CLARITY. To have clarity is enlightening. I haven’t had clear thinking it a long time. I feel FREE of much of the anxiety and brain fog I have endured for these years. I was consumed by it at times. My thinking and my action is less cluttered. I don’t have that feeling of lurching from one stressful circumstance to the next. I am still a work in progress and it is not perfect but that’s ok. IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK. I love the learning and the learnings.

I am letting go, I take a pause, before I act or speak now. I am calmer, I plan and I am experiencing episodes of ease and flow and my anxiety has reduced significantly. I am very emotional but that’s because I feel some relief that I can beat this through clarity and clearer thinking and ALL WILL BE WELL for me.”

P.S “I have now set up my own business bringing together my passions, skills  and experience and am truly doing what I love. Taking part in Stepping into Freedom was the beginning” – Alison Grierson-Brookes

“It has been hugely beneficial to set aside time every week to focus on my self-development. But primarily the one hour call at a set time that firms a focus, both in topic but also in time. I like that it is a group. l learn so much more from Heather’s conversation and questions with others,and their perceptions, stories, experiences and responses to the questions. Hearing others clarifies my own view.” –  Helen Layley

So what do you think?

Come join me and let me guide you out of whatever dusky, dark place you might be in, into the light that will lift you. Let’s create the life that makes your heart sing and that gives you the joy and freedom you deserve.

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