I love all seasons but there is something about spring and its energy that is very special.

Throughout the three months that are spring – March, April and May – there is such variation. As a season it starts when it’s cold, and early spring can be very cold, there may even be snow and mornings will often bring frost. Then by the time you get to late May, as with last year, the days could easily have been those of summer. It’s no surprise then that in this period of time, much happens.

I experience spring and its offerings mainly on foot, through my morning walks and also with my walking group. I venture out in the early weeks wrapped up under layers of varying weight, unpeeling a little as I warm up and then weeks later there may be few layers at all.

Spring is about birth or perhaps rebirth in some cases; rejuvenation, renewal, growth and new beginnings. The season brings an emerging different picture of our world and environment throughout its existence. It brings a real lushness and an acceleration of the change in our surroundings. It’s often apparent day by day. There is no other season for me in which nature weaves her magic to such a wondrous extent.

In spring its like I am injected with new energy.

Is this something you have felt too?

Have you felt a coming out of the dark and into the light?

Have you felt the wish to grow something new, to start something new?

Spring is the season of growth and action and if I reflect I can see that so much of the growth, especially in my business, has happened in spring.

I started to build my current team in the spring and through this season they have grown their knowledge of me and my business and of each other.

We prepare for National Walking Month annually in early spring and deliver in late spring. This spring has been the development of the new Camino routes and the plan for changes to the website.

Some development that starts in spring time crosses the seasons and the energy can vary but often that is appropriate as a different pace is needed at different stages. This is as relevant to personal growth as it is to business or career and, in fact, personal action is just as important, it’s ensuring that balance in life.

In my personal world work on aspects of health, so important for me, benefits from longer days and more light as well as better weather and higher temperatures.

This season is definitely when to plan growth and renewal. It’s like that clean canvas and the energy you tap into will really help you.

I started to apply the energy of the seasons to my life when I was recovering from burnout because I was spending so much time in nature, and in being more mindful, and I learnt so much. One of my biggest learnings was around the fact that in the winter energy a detox wasn’t going to work – why did I try to make that happen in January or February for so long, yet in May it works perfectly?

I love to apply the seasons to my life. It makes so much sense and is something any of us can do.

In the pandemic, many more people were walking, recognising that this was a way to escape a busy house, to get some headspace, to ‘be’ in the moment and I know that many have kept that walking going. People have been getting to know their environment and being more mindful, enjoying nature and being more aware of surroundings. In the slowed down space of walking, unless you are power walking of course, there is more time to see all that is around us and to engage our senses.

Whether things are better or not, the season comes every year. Perhaps you could start small and take on board a few elements of spring and see how it enhances your life.

If you’d like to take this further or just chat through how it could work for you, let’s talk.

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