Seasons for Change

An annual programme that brings the wisdom of the seasons into our daily lives.

Seasons for Change

An annual programme that brings the wisdom of the seasons into our daily lives.

In years gone by our lives were ruled by the seasons, the moon and tidal cycles…

the temperatures and the guidance of the natural world so much more than now. We went to bed when the sun went down and rose when it was light again. The natural rhythms guided us, and we lived in flow with this world.

Things in our world are much different now but not always better.

Whether we choose to acknowledge this or not, we are inextricably connected to the earth but due to the way we now live our lives, so many of us are so detached from these natural rhythms and cycles and, as a result, from our own bodies. Our lives are fast-paced, driven and in many cases relentless so that the aspects mentioned above go largely unnoticed. Busyness, overwhelm and stress abound and have become, in some, badges of success. We strive, we push, we continue on this treadmill dealing with life, often in reactive mode at all stages. Any wonder burnout happens, and exhaustion is present..

We think we’re living, but are we?
How would it be to reconnect to life?

For many, me included, it often takes a dramatic event to stop us in our tracks and make the decision to change. That’s exactly what happened to me. Burnout and an adrenal fatigue diagnosis led me to look at life differently and develop a new way of being, of working and of living.

I invite you to do the same. Don’t wait for the drama to hit, consider that different way now.

Rather like walking being such a simple yet underrated activity, nature and her wisdom is often overlooked.

How would it be if you were to reconnect to life?

How would it be to live in flow with ease and grace?

In Mother Nature we have the most amazing teacher. By turning to her wisdom and knowledge we can align with the seasons of the year and use their energies and teachings to bring flow and ease into our lives.

If you look at nature you can see that whatever happens she keeps going, the cycles continue to turn, and the seasons roll round year upon year. After natural disasters, nature rebuilds; after forest fires, new growth appears; every spring small animals emerge from hibernation and the earth starts to come alive again. From all this we can learn when to reflect, to create, to show up in all our glory and when to go within. It is when we fail to pay attention and ignore the guidance that both our physical and mental health suffers.

We do not expect nature to be the same in every season so why do we expect this of ourselves?

As Rumi says “The earth has music for those who listen.”

So, where do we go from here and how do we bring this connection back into our lives?

Seasons for Change

…is a new, annual programme that I am really excited to bring to you.

It’s all about learning from nature and bringing those learnings into the way that we live our lives.

Your Transformation

1. Ease and flow in all areas of your life from respecting and going with the ebb and flow of the seasons and honing into their energies. 

This allows for greater more focused and directed planning. Also clearly defined time to – step back and reflect; to be active and visible; to review, evaluate and plan.

2. Appreciation for being ‘in the moment’ and using that for mindfulness, for space, for ‘time out’ and for creativity.

3. Living and working more intuitively as we bring together who you truly are, your values and purpose and learn about how they are enhanced by this way of living. You will be so clear on all of these at the end of the programme.

4. A holistic approach to life as this impacts all areas of life. We are holistic beings. What happens in one area of our life impacts all others no matter how much you wish it didn’t. The natural world impacts on all parts of us and allowing it too helps us to strengthen this approach.

5. More confidence, self-awareness and feeling comfortable in your own skin. In the way this programme works you cannot fail to come out the other side in this place if you take part, be visible and do the work. From my own experience of being in a very ow and broken place, I can assure you that you can come out to the other side an even better version of you, happier and more at peace.

heather waring walking coach london

Seasons for Change

…is about learning, and then knowing what the right actions are to take and which are best for you, at different times of the year. It’s about using the different energies from each season to ensure that we get maximum benefit from them in all areas of our lives.

It’s also about what is good about every single one – that means even the seasons that you might not enjoy. I mean why waste three months of the year wanting the season to be over when you could get into flow with it and find joy and inspiration instead.

I started this practice when I was recovering from my burnout. Spending so much time walking in nature especially, at a slow pace initially, really got me slowing down, being more aware of what was going on around me and connecting and grounding to nature and the natural world.

I have found that by living with the energies of the season that I have got into a much more flowing way of living my life. The changes that I have made have resulted in me enjoying my life and business so much more. That has also had a knock on effect on myself, my family and clients.

I really want you to experience that too.

The Programme

This programme leads you through the four seasons of the year, season by season. We take time, through regular group calls, weekly tasks and a private Facebook group to learn from each one, to discuss all aspects of it and how it can work for you and then to implement these learnings. We will look at the impact of the seasons for good and joy, knowing that with every new season there are ways we can become more in tune with ourselves. This includes the foods we eat, the exercise we do, how we spend our time to help us harness nature’s cycle in our own lives.

I will be guiding you through all stages and we will be working in an intuitive and holistic way.

There is a planner/journal/information book for each season, and I shall be bringing in experts to talk about seasonal nutrition, moon cycles and other interesting topics that will enhance our journey.

We start with winter on December 1st and let me reassure you that this is a very gentle beginning. An introduction to hibernation and a focus on slowing down and preparing for the holiday season which I know can be a very stressful time.

We will be looking at self-care and meeting your needs, something that will continue throughout the entire programme but which is especially valuable now.

Everything offered in this month will be of use to you, will be easy to access and work with and will not require added work and stress. It is designed this way on purpose to make what you are doing easier.

There are constants that run through all four seasons like self-care, eating seasonally, rituals and routines, recognising achievement and celebration. Then there will be the things we focus on which give each season its identity and which you yourself will start to identify with. Below is some guidance on this.

Impact of the seasons for good and joy

With every new season there are ways we can attune ourselves, from the foods we eat to the exercises we do, to help us harness nature’s cycle in our own lives.

Winter; Hibernation

Dec 1st – Feb 28th
We will be looking at slowing down; going within; reflection and dreaming; creating; hygge principles and extreme self-care.

Spring; Growth

March 1st  – May 31st
Transitioning into a new season we now turn our attention rebirth; emergence; new starts; increased energy and momentum and connection.

Summer; Abundance

June 1st – Aug 31st
This season our focus is on abundance; flourishing; community; connection; languorous days and daydreaming. 

Autumn; Letting Go

Sept 1st – Nov 30th
Finally our fourth season where we major on gratitude; letting go; celebration; evaluating and planning.

I am inviting you to come and join me on this exciting journey.

I am looking for 15 women who feel the excitement of what is possible here.

Are you one of these women?

  • You will be looking to make some changes in your life or perhaps to continue to build on what you have already started.
  • You value yourself and know that you deserve to live a life of joy, flow and ease.
  • You are intrigued by immersing yourself in the lessons from the natural world because that is what resonates with you.


I am running this for the first time and, as such, your feedback will be much appreciated. You get to test it and to shape it. This also allows me to offer it at a much reduced price and it will never be offered at this price again.

When you join us, you do so for 12 months, the four seasons.

Your investment is £1440.00 + VAT and there will be three different ways to pay.

1. You can pay in full by the end of November 2020 and for everyone doing that there will be a bonus 60-minute call with me.
2. You can pay seasonally so for 3 months at a time at £360 + VAT
3. You can pay monthly at £120 + VAT

If you know that this is for you then choose how you want to pay and email me at to get started.

Or if you’d like to talk to me first before starting this programme to explore how it might work for you, then please book a FREE virtual coffee with me here.

If you are interested, intrigued and tempted but not sure about the whole year’s commitment, what about just one season? As I am beta testing, why not?

We start with ‘Winter’ on Dec 1st so either pay for the whole season or pay monthly. The choice is yours. 

How would that be?

You can do a taster which I am sure will have you wanting to jump right into spring three months later.

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