Sarria to Santiago in Spain

April 30th 2025 to May 7th 2025 – 8 day trip

If you want to walk some of the Camino de Santiago and you know that you cannot do it all, then this is one of the sections I would recommend.

This is the last section of the Camino Frances and probably the most popular sections. In walking this last 100 km or just over, you can claim your Compostella (Pilgrim Certificate) at the end of the walk in Santiago.

The majority of this section is walked in Galicia with its green and undulating landscape. This is ‘green’ Spain and I was really taken by its beauty and how so much of it was on woodland paths in comparison with some other sections. As we walked through many ancient oak woods with their gnarled and twisted trunks, I found myself thinking about all the wonderful stories that these trees could tell if they could talk.

Beautiful in Spring and in Autumn/Fall, this path takes us along by railway lines; on quiet country roads and through small villages. It’s an undulating path providing many stunning views of the surrounding countryside and giving us a beautiful overview of what this region of Spain has to offer. There are many beautiful buildings to admire and visit, historical facts to gather and the food is delicious.

On this section, many choose to have a very short final day so that they can get to Santiago in time for the midday mass. I choose instead to make the last two days of equal length and to have the time to fully enjoy your last walking day and to be able to savour the first sighting of the three spires of the cathedral from Monte do Gozo. You will want to have time to take photos here and celebrate getting so far.

We will not forget mass though and whether you attend for religious reasons; spiritual ones; the sense of theatre or just as a celebration, you can attend the next day. Attendance is optional, you do not have to go. You will also have time to go to the Pilgrim office and receive your certificate and your final stamp, the physical proof that you did all the hard work.

On this trip, I allow this extra day so you can do the above and also have time to relax, celebrate, and explore and enjoy this beautiful city before heading home the following day.

It’s also a great opportunity to begin your transition back into life at home. It’s amazing how after 5 days on the path, with the solitude and peace that busy places seem so much chaotic and noisier than they were before. This helps prepare you.

Our accommodation in Santiago is usually in a converted XVIth century monastery just across from the cathedral and is such an atmospheric place to stay, a perfect and fitting end to our walk.

On this section we cover about 75 – 80 miles over the 5 days, some days longer than others. The terrain is undulating, much of it through ancient oak woods and on gravel and earth paths. Some road walking in places mainly coming into or leaving towns or villages. Very rural in most places.

I do hope you will join us…

Your Investment;

The price is £2695 which is the earlybird rising to £2895 after Jan 31st 2025.  

Payment plans are available, with some people choosing to pay up front, and others spreading payments out over as many months as they can. We will work with what suits you as long as final payment is made before you leave on your Experience. We want to make this as doable for you as possible.

Committing early gives you more time to spread the cost and also to build up fitness.

Once you commit, we take a £300  non-refundable deposit which secures your place and your price and then we follow up with a payment discussion.

For Spring 2025 we have 8 places. This is a mixed Camino Experience. If you are interested, let’s have a chat so you can grab your place.

Use the link below to book a virtual coffee and chat with me where we can talk through your questions, any concerns and see if this is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you…Heather x

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