Santiago to Muxia in Spain

Sept 24th to Oct 3rd 2025

The Spanish say that the true Camino ends on the coast at Muxia so in May 2022 when I was still not running my own Camino Experiences again post pandemic, I took myself off to walk this path. It was partly to complete my own personal journey started in Le Puy en Velay in 2008 and also to see if this path might be one to offer to my clients. What a absolute joy lay ahead of me and perfect weather definitely added to the experience.

This is the only section that starts in Santiago and you cannot get your Compostella at the end as a result but you can get your Muxiana. The Muxiana is a document that shows you have walked the path to Muxia, in my case via Finisterre. If the timing is right, you may be able to get your Finisterrana as well. Two for the price of one!

Due to the distance on some days being around 20 miles, which is a long day especially in a group, I have spread the journey over 7 days walking and in that way it allows the space and time to really enjoy the stunning scenery. As there are also many ups and downs, it gives us time for these too. After all the joy is in the journey as much, or even more, as reaching the destination.

The walk starts in the Praza do Obradoiro in front of the cathedral and once out of the city wends its way through woodland paths and gives great views back over the city. Then it’s on through some beautiful villages and countryside and over Pilgrim bridges. There are waterfalls, wind turbines, climbs with great views and wide expanses of open spaces and fertile land. There were cafes when needed and even the odd stream to cool hot feet and even the Vakner! This is a mythological beast that it is believed some pilgrims had to face on their way to the coast.

On day 4 we reached the coast and this second half of the walk began. Here the beaches are white and the water turquoise (if you get the weather that is). The views were breathtaking. We overnight in Finisterre which gives us time to explore the town itself, a famous fishing port but also to walk out to the Cape, the most westerly point, or is that Muxia? From the Cape we take a different route back to town enabling us to maximise the wonderful sights that are around and if lucky to start to see the sunset.

The final two days is the journey from Finisterre to Muxia and more views, climbs, wind turbines and stunning beaches. Then once in Muxia and checked in to our hotel, the walk out to the Cape here and the peace and quiet in contrast to Finisterre. Not so many bus tours come here and there is easier access to the sea. I found this the perfect place to complete my journey and I believe you will too. 

The following morning we return to Santiago where there is some time to explore the medieval city, visit the parks, the wonderful food market and of course the cathedral and even to shop. And we will enjoy a final night together in celebration and thanks for our trip.

On this section we cover about 90 miles over the 7 days, some days longer than others. It is very rural and a very beautiful route with plenty of space and time for pondering, self-exploration and transformation.

In all this is a 10 day trip.

I do hope you will join us…

Your Investment:

£2987 – £3187

The earlybird price is £2987 and will end on January 31st 2023. Once that date passes the cost rises to £3187.

Payment plans are available, with some people choosing to pay up front, and others spreading payments out over as many months as they can. In the case of this event, this could be for as much as 15 months. We will work with what suits you as long as final payment is made before you leave on your Experience.

We want to make this as doable for you as possible. 

Once you commit, we take a £300 non-refundable deposit which secures your place and your price and then we follow up with a payment discussion. So whatever happens your price will not change!

We have up to 8 places available.

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