We all have stress in our lives, and we actually need some of it, but the ongoing effect of acute stress causes us so many mental and physical issues.

With a wide range of symptoms such as moods swings, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, aggressive outbursts, fatigue, palpitations, forgetfulness, anxiety, confusion, inability to concentrate, crying spells, insomnia, headaches, muscle cramps, digestive problems and food cravings, this makes a huge impact on our lives and those we share it with.

I remember when I was burning out, though I wasn’t fully aware at the time that that is what was happening, my mind would race and I just couldn’t shut it down.

Our everyday lives are so fast paced and full of expectations, often those we set ourselves. Just cast your mind back to my comments at the start to get a feel for what I am talking about. We owe it to ourselves to take note and to find a way to make some pockets of space and time just for us, for recharge and reset.

Enough to make you even more stressed, isn’t it? I mean where are you going to find these? But you can. I am not asking you to carve out hours, just a few 15 minute slots.

Take a short walk and let things go. You can do this walking from the bus stop or train or further. Take one at lunch time or on the way home. Take a short walk after a meeting and for 10 minutes let go of everything that has to be actioned, it will still be there.



breathe deeply often
breathe deeply often

Take a break for a cuppa. The very action of filling a kettle, boiling it and putting the coffee or tea in a cup can be treated as downtime and then just ‘be’ as you savour it. 10 – 15 minutes that’s all.

Put your legs up against the wall. It’s a yoga pose I get my walking women to do after a walk, but it is equally good as a marker from the working day into the evening or from one part of life to another. Perhaps when you get in the door or before an evening meal. Again 15 minutes.

    These are 3 simple ways to take a little time for you and if you can carve 3 or 4 of those into your day and do it regularly, you will feel the difference and start to ease that stress.

    You see when we are stressed, adrenaline and cortisol are released into our system getting us ready for “fight or flight”. Then your heart speeds up and your blood pressure increases and your liver releases stores of glucose to give you the energy you need.  However, clever as our bodies are, they cannot tell whether we are needing to fight a tiger or are stuck in traffic and running late!! So, this body reaction is not doing you any good.

    Looking after you and putting yourself first is what will bring about change. Just give my suggestions a go over the next week and month and see what results.

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