“If we could remember more often that this life is not ours, we are not eternal. Then we would probably also remember that every moment that we are blessed to live on this earth is an important moment.”

There is such a beauty in those words.

breathe deeply often

What might you take from that? What message might it bring to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and sentiments so do email me and let me know.

The first thing for me is the reminder that we do not own this earth, we are but caretakers of it. This earth gives so much to us – in the beauty and the magic of nature and how year upon year the seasons come and go. There is so much abundance, so many colours to enjoy, so many elements shared with us.

Nature continuously reminds us of its power and strength through storms and natural disasters. When these things happen, it’s as if nature is reminding us who is in charge and letting us see how small, and insignificant, we humans are.

The human race itself has of course caused much damage. It’s over-farmed, destroyed much of the world’s landscape and by doing this had massive impact on not only the wildlife but also on many of the indigenous people of the world. When I look at the mess that many have made, I am filled with great sadness.

When I am walking, especially on longer distance paths, I am often in rural areas and I see the people working the land. It’s hard work in all seasons but times like harvest bring communities together and it’s clear to see that there is much joy and pleasure to be enjoyed. There is real achievement in seeing the fruits of their labour, in the production of the wine from their grapes or oil from their olives from people who may have little in terms of material things but are happy and content. 

Their livelihood is dependent on the weather, the soil and having the workforce. They are in sync with the rhythm of nature and actions are often dictated by it, such as bringing in the harvest tomorrow rather than two weeks’ time because the time is right and cannot wait. They are also at the mercy of storms, floods and drought often rendering their hard worked produce unworthy. How would we cope with that?

The other message that these words bring to me is to do with living in the moment, ‘being’ and therefore taking time to appreciate what is here.

None of us know how long we have on this earth and often it’s a brush with our mortality that makes us appreciate life so much more. We should indeed savour each day and be grateful for it.

breathe deeply often

Being out in nature fuels me and makes my soul sing. A programme I watched last year about Italy and the life of the people demonstrated the joy of life and the simplicity and this spoke loudly to me.

To be able to take wonderful women out into nature and share its gifts, to help others appreciate the space it provides and the lessons it teaches and to reap the benefits in slowing down, I am truly blessed. 

Come walking in nature with me, reap the benefits on your physical but also on your mental health through immersing yourself in green space. Talk through your challenges and stumbling blocks, explore the way ahead to achieving that fulfilling life that makes you want to leap out of bed every day and just grab it. We have a range of different offers for you, click the button below and see which one speaks to you.

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