How do you feel at the start of your day? Do you know as soon as you wake what kind of day it is going to be, or does it depend on how the first few hours pan out?

Some days definitely flow easier than others, sometimes we understand why and at other times we just seem to get railroaded. It may be the people we come across, as some can drain while others energise. However, the environments we frequent can have a similar effect, inspiring or blocking our creativity.

There are things we can do though that help and the action you can take starts right here.

We are all so busy in our lives that efficiency and effectiveness can make a lot of difference but sometimes other elements need shaking up too. Take that messy desk, the drawer that’s overstuffed or the piles of papers waiting for that ‘someday’ when you will get to them. The lack of organisation, time and systems means you spend ages looking for things. I’m not suggesting that you try to tackle it all at once, how about one drawer at a time, one cupboard or one shelf?

Don’t forget your computer files too, it all helps to make space and if you are in business, here’s a tip –  if you want more clients, clear some space in your files or drawers and make new files so they are there and waiting for those new clients to step into your life.

Learn to be decisive, even a little ruthless, and if it doesn’t serve or bring you joy, then bin it. Once you have it sorted, get into the habit of clutter clearing regularly.

breathe deeply often

Do you have a place in your home that feels totally you? Do you have a favourite chair or view that makes you feel good? This is something I am really taking on board as I create my new office/sanctuary. It’s at the bottom of my garden so I get to be surrounded by the greenery and I am making sure I have the images in there that inspire, that I have plants and fresh flowers and candles that smell gorgeous. I have a comfy chair, as well as my desk chair and cushions as well as throws when it gets cooler.

What do you need in your space. It need not be a whole room, it could be a corner of one. Make sure you regularly set aside some time to clean the windows, dust and hoover so that you honour and respect your space.

I mentioned energy above and your energy levels are a big draw for others. Does it work for you too? Do you find yourself attracted to those people who are upbeat, buzzy and seem to have the ability to be on top of things? Is that you? Is your energy something people comment on? Could it be you? What would you have to do?

If you never take time for you, if you are always there for others and do not service your own needs, you’re likely to burn out and feel resentful. If that happens then those that need you may not have you anymore. So take some action now.

It can be as little as ensuring that you have a lunch break when you switch off for 30 minutes, it can be going for a walk during the day, regularly having a massage or facial and perhaps once a month scheduling a day or half day off. Find a buddy to walk with or someone to meet with or call regularly for an ‘offload session’. That way you get it out of your system and clear your head.

In terms of energising my day, the thing that works best for me is ensuring that I go through my morning ritual as this really sets up my day. I have a longer and shorter version to cover the days when I have less time and need to be in a meeting or on an early train or plane.

In summary, it includes a glass of water when I wake, about 20 minutes of yoga, a couple of glasses of lemon water, a shower, reading an inspiring chapter of a book or article and then a later breakfast. A walk comes later unless I am out early leading one. On days when that doesn’t happen life is often a little more clunky.

Explore what works for you. 

breathe deeply often

For one of my clients an hour of crafting first thing while enjoying a cup of tea sets her up for the day. You may need to play around with different things to find what it is that starts you off on your best foot so enjoy the process.

As a coach and mentor whose aim is to help women find their true selves and live that life that lights them up every day, I can help you with this. Whether a one-off call or a series of sessions through ‘Project You’. If you are interested email me and we’ll set a chat up and see what would work for you.

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