There are so many things to think about and remember in life so I love it when I find an analogy that really works for me. While hiking in the Lakes a couple of years ago I found one that will stay with me for a long time on the subject of goal setting.

At the halfway point of our walk, we were taking a break in the garden of a lovely pub. As we sat and talked, I looked up at Mellbreak (the hill we were about to climb) focusing on the route we would be taking. It had been my idea to do this hike and although not one of the highest hills in the Lakes, the best way up is by a very steep path. As I sat there looking at this very steep scree slope, I felt rather nervous. The slope was intimidating and I began to wonder if I could do this.

Taking things step by step gets you there, sometimes even without realising how far you have come.


In fact, even though challenging, I really enjoyed the walk and the ascent of Mellbreak turned out to be a great example of the elements of goal setting.

In any task there are stages and although it was uphill all the way, after only a few minutes of the walk I was able to look back to the gate and realise that I was now out of the trees. Stage one complete.

A bit more climbing and I was halfway up the next bit and from there I could see the path more clearly. It all seemed much more achievable now and I was reminded about setting goals and how easy it is to be put off if you only look at the big picture.

The last bit was tough going and sliding on screen did not help but the view at the top was rewarding indeed and as with any goal, worth the effort. I felt great and there was the added realisation that my fitness for this kind of a hike, wasn’t quite as diminished as I had thought!

Seeing the big picture is important and necessary but can often seem awesome. Taking things step by step gets you there, sometimes even without realising how far you have come. I know that where my goal setting is concerned, this experience will continue to provide the motivation that I too sometimes need.

Perhaps this will add insight to your own goal setting and achievement.

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