For me, the best way to get to know a city is to walk in it. 

At walking pace you can look up and see the wonderful architecture even if you are on your way to somewhere. If time is no object you can stop and drink it in. You can also explore – now where does that little alley go? What’s that I can see over there?

I’ve ended up in some amazing places by letting my curiosity get the better of me, and in turn have been able to share those findings with others. Another bonus is to discover wonderful shops and great coffee stops. I now include those when out walking with my group. When walking, you get to find things others don’t.

But walking in a city isn’t only about pavements and busy streets, your route can lead you off the beaten track. It can take you into parks which may be full of wonderful manicured lawns and designed flowerbeds or into less formal grassy areas with woodland, wide open spaces, sports fields and children’s playgrounds. Here you can take a break and lie in the sun; sit on a bench and read a book; look around you and just ‘be’; have a picnic; paddle in a pond; catch the spray from a fountain; take photos. I do them all.

A city can also offer paths along rivers, both great and small. I’ve watched swans and their cygnets swim among the reeds, seen a whale been towed out to sea and stood on one side of Tower Bridge as it’s been raised. One of my favourite places to walk in London is from Mile End tube up the canal which takes me to Islington, then on to Camden teaming with life on market days, through Regents Park and further to Maida Vale with it’s wonderful mansion blocks and houses and finishing in Paddington. New developments, house boats, canal side pubs, bikes, buggies and runners – life on those paths is never dull.

So let your feet get you there whether in your leisure time or when travelling to a meeting or commuting.

On regular routes there is always something new to see and why not vary your route and discover something new.

Explore your own city or town and use your feet to discover new ones as well. It will give you a real feel for a place and give you the chance to meet real people too.

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