Mindset is everything. It’s really important to give some time to this to ensure that you provide yourself with the best circumstances to get things done, and to develop the life that brings you joy and caters to your needs and wants. In most, if not all, coaching mindset is worked on because the great majority of us have got ourselves into a place of habits and beliefs that do not serve us. Shaking these up, exploring them and providing you with the right tools allows you to take back control.

There are so many tips I could give you that would help in your mindset development but let’s keep things simple and start with three. Get familiar with these, use and integrate them into your life, and then you can build further.

  1. Know what it is you want in life

For example –

How do you want to make your money?

Who do you want to share your life with?

How many times a year do you want to go on holiday?

What do you want to earn?

Do you want to have children?

What do you like to spend your time doing?

breathe deeply often

You’ll have your own questions that you want to explore.

If you know what you want then you have something to focus on, something to move towards. You can visualise what you want, meditate on it, journal about it, represent it on a vision board or even develop a movie depicting it.

You can also do as I do and write goal cards, which I read last thing at night and first thing in the morning. These are written as if whatever it is I want has already happened, and as well as having an overarching goal card I have specific ones on specific areas of life or projects. So, you have so much scope here to develop things as you wish. It all starts though with clarity (this is one of the things I help my coaching clients with).

  1. Surround yourself with positive and successful people

It was Jim Rohn who said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  So, it is worth looking at who these people are in your life. Are they like-minded people who champion and support you? Are they people who you can ask for help from? Are they there for you through all things good and bad?

The people you surround yourself with will affect your mindset, so choose to spend your valuable time with people who are forward thinkers, understand your excitement and drive with the qualities suggested above and more.

breathe deeply often
  1. Take action

It is fine to have a vision and to have great people around you but that alone will not get you moving forward. It’s not about waving a magic wand, it’s about doing something and making things happen.

You need to take action every day based on what you want, that’s what will make the difference. Stretch yourself, step out of your comfort zone and, if it helps, find yourself someone to keep you accountable. That could be a coach, a colleague, a mastermind group or a network buddy. Then watch things change.

Your mindset will strengthen further when this happens, and you’ll know that it was you that did this.

Let me know how you get on and, if you have any suggestions of how you cope that you’d like to share, please do email me so I can pass them on and we can all help each other.

If when reading through this you know that there are habits and beliefs that you want to change then, our signature group programme Stepping into Freedom is for you. Alternatively, if you want to work 1-2-1, Project YOU will guide you through and allow more room for customisation. Book a virtual coffee where we can have a commitment free chat and explore what would work best for you should you decide to go ahead.

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