The ®One Million Women Walking Badge

Encourage connection and interaction with our beautiful and recognisable badges.

The ®One Million Women Walking Badge

Encourage connection and interaction with our beautiful and recognisable badges.

I remember one weekend…

… some posts on the ®One Million Women Walking community indicated that about 3 or 4 groups of our women had been out walking on the South Downs. I found myself wondering if they had passed each other without even knowing what they had in common.

Then on a Women on Foot weekend walk, one of our members was walking one way, and we the other, and she intuitively knew that we were from ®One Million Women Walking and so stopped and asked.

Both those incidences had me wondering how we could recognise each other when walking, and how lovely it would be if that happened in places all over the world, resulting in conversations and shared walks.

We want to feel that we belong and that we are part of something. It’s a human need and helps us to find meaning as well as being beneficial to our health and happiness. Often belonging provides us with other people and a community to turn to, one that will support us and have our back.

I believe that this is what we have created through ®One Million Women Walking. It is a community that spans the world and is continually growing. I get such great feedback from members telling me what it means to them and what it gives them.

And now we have these badges.

They indicate that you belong, that you are a member of this amazing community. By wearing them you tell others that too; encouraging connection and interaction and spreading the word of the mission which is to impact the lives of ®One Million Women through walking.

I want you to be proud of your badges and we have packaged them up in twos so that you don’t have to keep moving one badge around. In this way, you can put one on your walking rucksack and leave it there and then the other can go on your hat, jacket, fleece, bum-bag or fanny pack, buff etc… So many options and if you want to, you can buy more than one pack.

We have made them larger so that you can see them from a bit of a distance because otherwise, you might miss them. We want them to be seen. We have also put a message on the back of the card that the badges are on and I suggest that you carry these with you so that if someone asks what the badge is all about, you can tell them and you can just give them the card.

These badges are a great way to tell more people about ®One Million Women Walking.

You can gift these badges to others whether they be friends, members of your family, work colleagues or even strangers.

Take a selfie of you wearing your badge or get someone else to take a photo and post them in our community on Facebook but also on your profile. Post on the other platforms as well and use #onemillionwomenwalking.

Spread the word and tell us your stories when you meet others from the community, and tell us what happens when people who don’t know about us ask you about your badge.

The badges are £10 for a pack of two wherever in the world you are. The money is going back into the company to enable us to produce more badges when these run out, as well as other merchandise to get us all noticed and raise our profile and mission. It will also enable us to develop this community further through walk related initiatives.

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