1. Be fully present.

Your coaching time is just for you! One of my clients once said, “I love that I do not have to ask how your weekend was or how your life is because this is just about me” and she was so right. How often do you get to talk openly and to explore things that are all about you?

So make sure that you maximise this time. Find yourself a quiet place and make sure that others around know not to interrupt you. Have a pen and notebook so you can take notes, this is your session so your responsibility and note down your next steps.

Ideally, schedule a little time afterwards to think through the session and note down anything that comes to mind and make sure that any agreed tasks are clear.

  1. Talk about what is most important to you during each session.

Give some thought to your coaching session before it happens and bring to the session what is most important to you.  As a coach I follow your agenda.

    Be open to the conversation and to the direction that will open up. It may lead to paces that you had not considered but this shows that the flow is happening.

    3.  Make your coaching a priority

    Having decided to go down this coaching path then do all that you can to ensure its success. This will mean creating space for the coaching as well as taking action on what happens as a result. The session with your coach is only one part, you then have to do the work. Growth and change will not happen if you are not committed.

    breathe deeply often

    4.  Be open

    You will get so much more from coaching if you are open and willing to consider new approaches and possibilities!

    5.  Learn to put yourself first

    Many people, women in particular, find it really hard to put themselves first but this is what you have to do. By giving to yourself first you are less likely to be resentful as your needs will be being met. You are also able to give more to others because you will be happier in yourself and you will be looking after yourself. You will have more energy and you will be honouring your values.

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