Get 2022 Planned in a Day

How would it be to know now that in the coming year you are well on your way to have it happen just as you want? And to have this all done before the holiday season.

Get 2022 Planned in a Day

How would it be to know now that in the coming year you are well on your way to have it happen just as you want? And to have this all done before the holiday season.


  • your planning is done;
  • you know where you’re going and what you need to do every month of 2022 to make that happen;
  • you know how you’re going to achieve your goals and intentions you want in the year ahead;
  • you’re going to be able to maximise the year immediately;
  • you can relax and enjoy the festive season.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Would you like to feel that way?

…Well you can.

All you need is 7 hours from 10.00 – 5.00 on Wednesday 24th November, Friday 26th November or Monday 6th December.

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It is said ‘Fail to plan, then you plan to fail.’ While I’m sure many of us are not specifically making the choice to fail, life and all its busyness does mean that often we don’t do the planning we need.

What I want to know is –
How are you going to achieve your goals (that’s if you’ve set them) if you don’t have a plan?
How are you going to know what opportunities to say ‘yes’ to if you haven’t thought about what you want to achieve?
How are you going to celebrate when you cannot measure your success?

In our very practical planning day, we’ll work through a number of steps to:

  • review the past year and pick out the learning points
  • get clear on where you are and where you want to go
  • set your top goals
  • put in place your plans for 2022
  • start to put the detail in place

I will share knowledge and experience, teach and guide and we will do it all in segments so there is plenty of time for the practical ‘getting it done’ that is vital.

You will need scrap paper, post it notes and coloured pens and some space to lay it all out and plan to have fun.

You can –

  • ask as many questions as you want
  • share advice, information and guidance
  • have my one-to-one attention as you need and want it on the day
  • have as much fun and laugh as much as you like

Some of you may just want to spend some measured time, getting everything in place so your direction is clear and to help ensure that you get everything you aim to do completed. Some of you may never have planned for the year ahead and realise that this might form that framework that will move you on.

I believe that the best time to plan for the coming year is in late November/early December as then you can ‘segway smugly into the festive time’ knowing that things are in place so you can hit the ground running in the New Year. This is relevant for whatever aspect of your life that you choose.

Planning at this time gives you peace of mind and you also get to enjoy the holiday season and that transition into December and the start of winter. It’s also the time of hibernation so I can help you prepare for the energies of the season.

Here is what others have said about their experience of these days in the past –

“Thank you for giving of yourself and sharing examples of your own work and life. You are always keeping it real without the ‘I know it all approach’. Sharing your knowledge, ideas and experiences made you an excellent facilitator. You created a warm and welcoming environment, I think this was part of today’s success, people felt comfortable and therefore more open to share.”

Hannake Kluge

“Not only does Heather introduce techniques which I’ve remembered and felt the benefit of months later… she also creates an inviting, warm atmosphere in which to learn and develop. One of her many strengths is her ability to make you feel immediately at home, so that you can get on with the day’s schedule with great ease. I have taken many pointers from the day and I’m sure there was some subtle yet deeply effective coaching going on which has transformed the way I now approach projects. You can’t help but feel elevated, inspired and committed after time like this with Heather.”

Lou Beegan

“Heather’s planning day was as supportive as it was practical. In just a few short hours we had a plan for the whole year which not only enabled us to see how personal, work and family commitments could all be honoured, but allowed us to fill the year not with ‘busy work’, but with projects that aligned with our values and enabled us to chart a course towards a life that we actually want to lead. Every part of the workshop was well-structured, packed with value and sensitively led. I use my plan every day, and it is really helping me to look ahead and view my year in a more strategic way. I know that if things don’t go according to plan, it’s not a disaster, and I can make adjustments as I like knowing what is important, and what are the key things I would like to achieve. Thank you Heather for packing so much into one day without at any point creating a sense of stress or overwhelm.” 

Susannah Alexander

Don’t let this opportunity pass, book now and know that you are giving yourself the best possible start to 2022!

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