When things are going well, it is not too difficult to find 10 reasons/ways/things why the situation is perfect. However, when things are not good, it is a different matter.

I was first asked to do this exercise by Annie Meacham, not long after I joined her attraction marketing masterclass, and I did not know where to start. “It’s not perfect at all” was all I could think and trying to do it was going against everything I felt and thought. Others seemed to be able to do it so why not me?

I guess it is all about where you are.

As time has moved on I have found this easier and helpful.

Over the past few weeks, prior to coming away, I have had some health challenges, my mum is not well in Northern Ireland and I am at a stage numerologically when one cycle ends and another begins. So I guess it’s not surprising that I have been doing a lot of questioning about myself and all aspects of my life. It has not been an easy time. I find myself jumping around all over the place, one minute thinking one thing then the next considering chucking it all in. I have also been doubting myself big time.

I know we all have times like this and it’s actually normal and it’s okay to be in this place. I am good at reassuring my clients of this but not so good when it comes to me. A case of the cobbler’s children… understood if you are a certain age.

breathe deeply often

I decided to do this exercise for myself and to share it, on the off chance that it might help you too, if not now, then in the future. So here we go.

The idea is that in this moment of being fed up, unhappy, frustrated, depressed or stuck that you look for 10 reasons why being in this place is perfect for you right now.

So here is mine:

  1. I do not have to make any decisions until I choose to.
  2. I can take myself for a walk in nature, that always makes me feel better.
  3. This is a great opportunity to start writing my journal again.
  4. I will read ‘Simple Abundance’ and see what wisdom is there for me.
  5. I will pull a Plant or Tree Card.
  6. This is a chance to draw up a priority list and pick three actions.
  7. I can eat chocolate if I want.
  8. This is my life and I am in control.
  9. I will go to sleep earlier and hide away under the covers and sleep will let me escape.
  10. Tomorrow is a new day and I may feel better.

As I said, I used to find these things so hard to do but this wasn’t and what came out was really helpful, as hopefully you can see. I am now taking some action and feeling more positive, although I did have to be practical and go to the doctors too.

If you do not believe that this can work, try it out for yourself. Persevere and it will all come together, I promise you.


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